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JETImodel HiCopter BEC 12V3A

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JETImodel HiCopter BEC 12V3A
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JETImodel HiCopter BEC 12V3A The switching voltage regulator HiCopter is supposed to act as a current supply for accessories in the X Copters. The switching voltage regulators HiCopter 12V make it possible to use wide range of input voltages from 4S up to 10S Li-XX cells. HiCopter is prepared for use with peak current up to 12A for the 12V3A. Recommended input voltage 14 – 42 V Maximum input voltage 50 V Maximum allowed amounts of cells 4-10 LiXX or 12-33 NiXX Output voltage 12 V Operation temperature - 20°C up to +85°C Output pulse current 12 A (5s) Weight 29 g Dimensions 60 x 28 x 10 mm Table showing the dependence of sustained current loads on input voltages

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