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Mini Hornet AFR

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Mini Hornet AFR
249,00 €

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Include: Frames,  camera mount, canopy, battery strap, stickers, ESC, motor, propeller, flight controller, 12v 5v PCB, LED

×Not include: receiver, transmitter, battery, camera, videoTX



Hornet Mini features:


KIT version features:

l  250mm shaft to shaft distance, meets new standards of FPV RACING

l  Innovative modular gimbal made of full aluminium. Angle adjustable (from -5 to +30) camera platform, supports dual cameras with vibration isolation design

l  Airframe made of full carbon fibre, designed with lightening holes considering the appearance and functionality

l  Optimised placement of the equipment considering operation and access to the equipment and antenna protection

l  Folding arms design, for easy transport

l  Nylon enhanced arm joints and landing gear

l  Large-space design, able to support 1300-2200mah,3-4S batteries

l  Beautiful and streamlined canopy protects equipment from damage

l  Included stickers with two colors and numbers, makes it convenient to join the contest

l  Nylon enhanced front and back bumpers, allows the installation of LED lights

l  All assembly with hex-screws and no nut design

l  Light weight, 380g with canopy and camera (w/o battery)

l  Can be upgraded to 280 class by changing arms

l  Comes with Dualsky battery fastener and patches


Additional features of the  ARF version


l  Equipped with FC451 Flight Control system, offering optimised flight feeling, and supports S.BUS input

l  Modular-designed 12A ESC, support 3-4Splug and play, no need to solder anything

l  ESC can support active braking and ONE SHOT

l  Customized DUALSKY ECO 2204X(R) ,plug and play, optimising power and impact resistance

l  New 5 inch (125mm) propellers, large thrust and strong crash resistance

l  With the 12V DC power supply module, it is easy to connect the video transmitter

l  Central integrated mainboard built-in power distribution circuit,5V BEC,LED control, general electronic switches and fail safe(alarm)function

l  Innovative general electronic switch design---control front-and-rear LEDs after starting up.

l  Mainboard has the level 3 alarm function of battery with sound and LEDs flashing.

l  Front white, and back red, LEDs included

l  Front arms with optional high-power LED headlights

l  All electronics support 4S LiPO power. Only need to upgrade motors to run 4S

l  Two Versions: KIT (budget/DIY) and ARF (performance and simplicity)






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