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Coppia eliche 10x5 A+B in legno per multirotori

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Coppia eliche 10x5 A+B in legno per multirotori

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Xoar's Precision Pair Series's superior design is optimized for RC Drone, Quadcopter/Multicopter/Octocopter that use pairs of 1 CW (clockwise) and 1 CCW (counterclockwise) prop. Each Xoar Precision pair propeller is produced with the same pitch, same angle of attack, and same weight with maximum tolerance of 0.5 gram difference in order to create accurate, responsive and stable performance. Only the best blades that are tested with great static, dynamic equilibrium are selected and packaged as Xoar's Precision Pair. While weight plays a crucial role in stability and accurate performance in maneuvers especially in Precision Pair applications such as aerial cinematography for entertainment, surveying, search & rescue, agriculture, proteching wildlife, 3-D mapping, even hurricane hunting, Xoar Precision Pair is the perfect choice for you - Xoar's light-weighted props yield less amplitude vibrations due to less kinetic energy and consumes less time to speed up and slow down. Xoar props are the only right choice if you are performance centric. Carbon Fiber Precision Pair: Xoar's ultra light weight carbon fiber precision pair propllers are produced with high-temp forming process and sophisticated interior structure with foam filling in order to create light yet strong carbon fiber propellers with top grade materials. It is the only solution for high end performance RC Drone Quadcopter/Multicopter UAV propulsion platform. Beechwood Precision Pair: One of the lightest wooden props in the industry due to its uniquely shaped blade profile and production process. Xoar's precision pair wooden series' rigidity offters higher effiiciency and longer flight time when compares to low-end props due to less vibration.

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