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Superglue patent cap 20g medium viscosity

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Superglue patent cap 20g medium viscosity

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Physical properties (in liquid state) Chemical characterization: Ethylcyanacrylat Monomer Density: 1,06 g/cm³ Viscosity (Brookfield) @ +25 °C: 20-30 mPa-s Flash point: >81 °C Polymer properties Color: klar/farblos Fusion point: 130 °C Hardness (Rockwell): M58 Final strength: 24 h Solubility: DMF, Acetonnitril, Aceton Environmental conditions Temperature range: -40 °C bis +85 °C Curing EPDM: <5 s Neoprene: <5 s Nitrile: <5 s Balsa: <5 s ABS: 7-10 s Polycarbonate: 10-15 s Steel: 25-40 s Tensile shear strength Steel: 15-25 N/mm² Aluminium: 7-10 N/mm² Nitrile: 5-10 N/mm² Polycarbonate: 5-10 N/mm² ABS: 6-10 N/mm² Tensile strength EPDM: 2-6 N/mm² Neoprene: 5-15 N/mm² Nitrile: 5-15 N/mm² Storage and durability Storage: The product should be protected from direct sunlight and heat sources. Excess light colored product. Before processing, the still unopened product should be brought to room temperature in order to optimize the adhesive strength. Durability: In an ideal storage (dark and dry) to 15 ° C is stable for at least 12 months; during normal storage between +16 ° C and +22 ° C for at least 6 months.

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