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Jr Propo sisteme flybarless TAGS MINI

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Jr Propo sisteme flybarless TAGS MINI

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Product Description

JR Propo TAGS Mini Triple Axis Gyro System with TAGS Mini Adapter.

TAGS Mini Features

The TAGS Mini is easy to set up. With only three buttons and LED indicators, these and your transmitter are used to quickly and simply configure all required settings.

By connecting a RA02TL remote receiver (Not supplied with this pack) to the TAGS Mini, it receives the DMSS signal directly from the transmitter. Note the TAGS Mini is only compatible with JR DMSS transmitters.

The JR high speed telemetry system allows sensor data to be displayed on your transmitter LCD screen.

Simple wiring allows the TAGS Mini to be easily installed on your helicopter.

The basic settings can be configured using only the buttons on the unit.

Using the latest MEMS gyro sensor technology and fast processing provides high performance, flight after flight. Your helicopter will 'lock in' at any altitude, and transition smoothly between manoeuvres.

Digital signal transmission enables date to be processed without risk of software failure, and with unmatched speed of processing.

Support all common swash types. Sensor direction is configured automatically. Sub trim function included.

Tail control gain (6 an 7 channel transmitters) and cyclic gain (8 channel and greater transmitters) can be individually adjusted from the transmitter.

JR's default parameters suit a wide variety of models. With no requirement to use a PC.
However, further flight optimisation is possible using the 'G-Tune' application (and the optional G-Tune adapter cable). The required software can be found on JR's website (

TAGS Mini Specifications


Gyro System



Supported Swash Systems

Mechnical Mix & three servo 120 & 140 CCPM swash systems

Minimum Radio Requirement

6 Channels

Rated Voltage

4.5 - 8.5V

Dimensions & Weight

14 x 25 x 41mm/10g

Current Consumption

150mA Maximum

RF System


Recommended Servos: DS396 (Swash) | DS3500G (Tail)


Gyro Control Unit TAGS Mini x 1

TAGS Mini Adapter x 1

Double sided tape for fixing sensor unit x 2

Operation Manual x 1

TAGS Mini Adapter

The TAGS Mini can be easily connected to a XBus Receiver using this single connection cable.

In order to use this adapter, it is necessary to programme both the transmitter and the TAGS Mini.

Programming the TAGSmini requires GTUNE (downloadable from the JR Propo Website) and the optional GTUNE USB cable (JRC02612).

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     Manufactured By JR Propo

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Modeller Support

• TAGS Mini Instruction Manual
 • How to send MacGregor/JR Products for repair



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