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Elicottero Eco 8 Royal Kit

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Elicottero Eco 8 Royal Kit

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TheBECO8RoyalB -helicopter has evolved out of the legendary ECO 8, which is still available and enjoy inggreat popularity. The ECO8 has been sold many thousand times world wide and can be considered the best known electrich elicopter of the last decade. The ECO8 Royal features an entirely new, veryrigid and stiffch assis, resulting in a notice ably improbe control characteristic. The battery compartment has been relocated to a position above the landing skidsandiscompletelyhiddenunderthecanopy.Inadditionthe batterie sarenowmuchbetterprotected. Li-PoaswellasNiCdorNiMh batterie scanbeinstalled.Duetothenewtypeof servo mount thecontrolaccuracyhasbeenimproved. Thenewlocationofthetailcontrol servo andtheaerodynamicallyimprovedtailrotorbladesresultedinabettertailandgyrofunction.The landing sskidsarefeaturingascrewless mount ingsystem. Likewiththe standard ECO8the rear e14differentmainrotorand3differenttailrotorgearreductionsavailable. TechnicalSpecifications Flight battery : Li-Po3cells( standard motor ) LiPo34cells( brushless motor ) Recommended radio system: min.5channelswith120°swashplatemixing RotorDiameter:1060mm(41.7in) Length:970mm(38.2in) Weightapprox.:1500g(3lbs5oz)

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