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Super Decathlon ARF yellow (EPP, with aileron)

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Super Decathlon ARF yellow (EPP, with aileron)

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Ideal RC models for the beginners to RC. Tough but light EPP foam construction. Assembly time is a few hours. Airplane has a large wing area that makes it easy to fly. It takes off from a smooth surface or with

a hand launch. Its easy to land. Main landing gear snaps into position. Models come painted as shown, with no decals to apply. Powered with 400 electromotor and 7-cells NiMH or 2 cells Li-Ion. 4 channels – rudder,
elevator, throttle, ailerons.
Items Needed To Complete: Cyanoacrylate glue and Activator Spray, speed controller 12A, 4 Channel RC Set with 3 Micro Servos, accu Pack NiMh 600 mAh 8,4 V or 2pcs Li-Ion
1100 mAh


Engineering characteristic

 Weight: 385 g

 Wingspan: 1000 mm

 Lenght: 700 mm

 RC: 4

 Motor: SPRINT 400



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